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Write For Us – Health and Fitness Blog Or Guest Post:- It is an opportunity for whose interest in the article writing or blogging on health-related topics and write reviews on the basis of any health-related products.  Healthy is something that can become one of the finest hobbies around in our modern world. It’s s pastime that a lot of us love to share with others in the form of passing on personal experiences or tips.

If you are interested in the article writing then contact us on the ReviewsKart website. We are looking for new writers for health tips to write for us. If you’ve got an idea that’ll appeal to the readers on our website and move daily fitness update forward, we wish to hear about your ideas.

Topics and info we appreciate at daily fitness update: Write For US

  • Health & fitness Tips
  • Step by step workout instructions
  • Fitness gear and health related products Reviews

Guidelines for Our Writers: Write for Us

1)- Submit Completely Genuine and Original Posts: 

  •  Articles you have written must be completely 100% plagiarism error-free.
  •  Posts mustn’t have been submitted or published elsewhere offline or online or be utilized in any way in the future for publishing on different websites.

2)- Select a Good and Unique Title for Your Content:

People have a lot of choices easily obtainable to them online. When writing a title for your content, think from the reader’s point of view and what they are looking to, achieve, discover, or the issues they wish to sort out, after figuring out this entire write the title of your content according to your demographic audience.

3)- Use an Attractive Opening Point:

  • Someone will read your article greatly depends on your opening statement.
  • Please make sure your first paragraph is appealing, provides the reader with a view as to what he/she is precisely going to experience.

4)- Informative and Simple:

  •   Write your content in detailed which provides information on health to readers.
  •   Do not write unnecessary information which is not informative.
  •  Do not use the difficult word which cannot understand by any reader.
  •   Use Simple word which is easily understood by any reader.

5)- Work and Format:

  •   Writing article, you should know how many words to use in that topic like a 1000 word.
  •   Use bullets point to make it good looking and should not more than 20 bullets point.
  •   Write the article in a simple and attractive format.

6)- Keyword and Subheading:

  •   Keywords used at least one time in the first paragraph, 2 or 3 times in article and subheading one time in the description.
  •   The title should use in subheading so readers can understand to the topic.
  •   One time at least title in the subheading.

7)- Meta-Description:  

  •   A description always is given at the end of the article.
  •   In description tell about what is inside of your article.

8)- Grammatical Errors and Paragraph:

  •   Please make sure your article is grammatically error free
  •   The first paragraph of your article should be 150-200 words.
  •   Make short paragraphs 3-4 lines only.
  •   Use subheadings for the paragraph.

9)- Passive Voice and Keyword:

  •   In your article should contain at least 30 % passive voice like as Dr. Sunil said that.
  •   Use the related keyword in your article paragraphs.

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