Important Points to Improving Women’s Health

Important Points to Improving Women’s Health (Updated 2019)

Important Points to Improving Women’s Health in the World which can reduce the death of women. Improving the health of women is the greatest burden on health care authority, namely NCDs. The main reason for women’s death factors such as gestational diabetes and pregnancy-induced hypertension, HIV, premature delivery.  Developed countries women are suffering from basic health care, like cervical cancer, HIV, anemia. Improve awareness and establish a commitment to improving women’s lives.

Mostly women face many health problems largely because of their roles in society. Women’s health problems are also due to the injustice of equality or cast basis (religion). Women are suffering from poor health because of the lack of education, lack of trained professionals in health services and proper funding.

Researchers are researching the women’s epidemic of chronic diseases in low- and middle-income countries or on the link between old and new diseases, which is important but badly neglected.

Not many countries have tried this. So far, there are only pilot experiments that in most cases have not been scaled up, so this is very early work from which we are trying to draw some lessons.

Main Reason for the poor health of women:     

Reproductive health:

The most important reason for the death of women is sexual and reproductive health. It is responsible for one out of three deaths of women in the world, because of unsafe sex. The main reason for these is they do not have proper information about how to getting the contraception services when they needed, and how to make safe physical relations.


The world figures show that around 0.5 million women die from cervical cancer and 0.5 million from breast cancer every year. The most common cancers are breast and cervical cancers. They can save their lives if detects symptom of these cancers in its initial stage, and take timely treatment. The majority of these deaths because of lower and middle-income countries where screening, prevention, and treatment are almost non-existent. 

Maternal health:

The third most common reason for the death of women is during pregnancy and delivery period. Many lives can save if they could reach the hospital in time. Most countries are now improving their facilities for pregnancy and childbirth. But these are not enough for every woman, because of the lack of information and services.

Maternal health:


The fourth major reason for the deaths of women is HIV. Many NGOs are working on it, but have not enough. Because many women do not know how to prevent them from self from HIV infection. This can be prevented by providing proper information about HIV, how HIV spread and how they can prevent themselves.

Improving women health:

There are many international programs and activities, such as the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health or WHO Global Action Plan, which have been impacting significantly toward improving women’s’ health worldwide. But policies are slowly implemented by the regional government because many countries do not have good machinery or infrastructure to implement all policy in the right direction. We also need to consider the role of women as well as the cultural differences between various countries. 

Our government and NGOs and other responsible people could take some serious decision to empowerments of women and educate them on what is right for them. To apply these health facilities requires targeted improving coverage and good quality of health services for women.

Some real progress has been made in the past 15-20 years in improving maternal health, with a 40-45% reduction in maternal mortality, but much remains to be done. We hope shortly our government and world’s leaders take a more effective way to solve   these women health problems.

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Every developing country trying its best to prevent the death of women by making policies and funding NGOs.  But these are not enough to make the world a better place. Because of these policies not implemented properly. This is our responsibility; each one required commitment and investment from international community NGOs donors, health practitioners, and religious leaders to take care of this. Then we can save much life of women.

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